Exceptional Rider Division: WDAA does not require any documentation to qualify for Exceptional Rider classes, we are on the honor system. An exceptional rider is one with permanent, measurable disabilities (intellectual or physical), not those that are temporary. Exceptional rider exhibitors may not cross enter into other classes in the show. Participants must abide by all USEF regulations pertaining to attire, tack and equipment. Except when provisions are required for safety, such as LED markers on letters so they can be seen more easily or extra straps/braces on the saddle. Reference GR821 for additional information. It is up to the exhibitor and/or coach to determine where the rider would feel most comfortable and be able to compete fairly, Therapeutic Riding classes or Physically Challenged classes. 

Exceptional Rider Award: Buckle goes to highest-scoring exhibitor showing in either the Physically Challenged or Therapeutic Rider classes. The winner will receive a WDAA award buckle.


Therapeutic Riding Classes – must use WDAA Exceptional Rider tests https://westerndressageassociation.org/wdaa-tests/

Therapeutic Riding TR1 
Therapeutic Riding TR2 
Therapeutic Riding TR3

CLICK HERE for the Therapeutic Riding Guidelines.

Physically Challenged Classes (can include those with intellectual disabilities) – must use current WDAA tests that are used by all other exhibitors, except for those showing in the Therapeutic classes. https://westerndressageassociation.org/wdaa-tests/

PC Test of Choice PC1 
PC Test of Choice PC2 
PC Test of Choice PC3


Please read and follow the 2020 WDAA Western Dressage Online World Championship Show Guidelines


NOTE “#10. Exceptional riders are exempt from the dropping the bit requirement.”